The Anniversary – forgot the flowers?


How often do you hear the retort “I forgot the Anniversary”?

So, when should an organisation forget a significant milestone? or should it?  The heritage and history of an organisation and its relationship with its customers and clients are just what they are however they do represent what the organisation is and generally most organisations would be proud of achieving any key milestone.  In fact, in Government where Machinery of Government sees constant and frequent changes, it is rare to find a government organisation that has the name and function after 10 years and very rare after 20 years.

So why wouldn’t an organisation celebrate its 20th Anniversary?  Why won’t it recognise its achievements and outline a sense of the future?  Why won’t it thank its staff – present and former?  Why won’t it say thanks to its customers, supporters and stakeholders?  Why won’t it take time out to reflect, tell the stories and celebrate?

The answer to the above would and should be a YES and as they say in AFL – “proud, passionate and paid up”.

So, if you don’t, does that mean the organisation isn’t “proud, passionate and paid up”?  It probably doesn’t mean the staff aren’t proud of what they have achieved but to let a significant “anniversary” slip reflects a lack of leadership with the right values.

A park agency in the USA has this year celebrated its’ 100thh Year – yes a significant milestone.  I am of course talking about the organisation that represents America’s great idea – the National Park – the USA National Parks Service.  It has celebrated in style, with new Agendas – The Urban Agenda and Healthy Parks Healthy People, free entry to parks, recognition of staff and the communities that make their parks system so great.  It is hard not to praise their leadership and especially Jon Jarvis (National Park Director) and Sally Jewell (Secretary of Interior).

So surely we should say thanks to all the staff, community members and stakeholders who have contributed to Australia’s greatest idea for parks – Healthy Parks Healthy People –


so, thanks to

Parks Victoria

12th December 1996 to 12th December 2016

and enjoy your 20th Anniversary and in the words of William Shakespeare:

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks…”


for the historical records – the original Parks Victoria logo at the launch



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