Announcement from World Urban Parks – An opportunity to make a real difference – Join the Advocacy Committees


World Urban Parks was established in 2015 following an extensive strategic review of the directions and performance of Ifpra. WUP was established to ensure that Urban parks, open space and recreation Management and the concept of “urban parks” had a clear global/international voice. The reforms included ensuring that there is strong national and regional alignment between existing bodies and the new international body.

World Urban Parks champions urban park outcomes for city liveability, place-making, conservation and access, and provides strong membership services by connecting, leveraging and supporting diverse memberships across the international urban parks, open space and recreation community and allied sectors.

A key objective for WUP is to have WUP “Voice” heard at an international level. One of our key objectives is:

“Advocacy: A global voice supporting the value and benefits of parks and the industry through science and unity”

The aim is to have quality urban parks accessible to all citizens of the world irrespective of socio-economic circumstances.

Earlier this year the WUP established a new organizational framework that includes four key Portfolio’s – Advocacy, Alliances, Members and Governance. The WUP Board has now endorsed a new Advocacy Policy, Strategy framework and Portfolio Terms of Reference. The Board also approved the establishment of four new Advocacy Portfolio Committees.

These Committees are:

• Healthy Parks Healthy Cities
• Large Urban Parks (existing Committee)
• Children, Play & Nature.
• Older Adults and Parks.
• Green Infrastructure (incorporating Knowledge & Standards (Existing Committee))

I have a range of background information available (please contact me):

• WUP Advocacy Policy
• WUP Advocacy ToR
• WUP Advocacy Strategy
• WUP Parks for All Principle Policy (draft)
• Advocacy Portfolio Committee Generic ToR
You can also access further information regarding WUP from

If you wish to join a committee or wish to review the information or have any suggestions please contact me at

Can you please distribute this message to your networks or anyone who might be interested in joining a World Urban Parks Committee


Office PO Box 11 132,
Manners Street,
Wellington 6142, New Zealand
P 61 (0)417 386 251


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