Part F – The Foundational Design Legacy Principles – Summary

This section contains the complete list of Principles that have been developed regarding “Design Legacy” and the future management of parks. They will be added to overtime and modified as the industry discusses them further.

The Brown-Olmsted Design Legacy Principles:

  • Principle 1: Natural Form – is the full utilization of the naturally occurring features of a given space;
  • Principle 2: Blend – is “subordination” – the subordination of individual details to the whole;
  • Principle 3: Concealment – is concealment of design, design that does not call attention to itself;
  • Principle 4: Sense: is design to enhance the sense of space;
  • Principle 5: Utility – is utility above all else
  • Principle 6: System – is where space is designed as part of a network

The Monash Design Legacy Principles:

  • Principle 7: History – is the understanding of culture, history and significance of place;
  • Principle 8: Soul – is the creation of a “soul” in design that gives the place a sense of purpose and relevance;
  • Principle 9: Adaptation – is the creation of the ability of the space to adapt and change with time;

The O’Neill_ Design Legacy Principles:

  • Principle 10: Belief – is the understanding that communities and individuals can achieve achieve outstanding success;
  • Principle 11: Community Fabric – is that the fabric of the park and open space should reflect the in sense of what the community is! ;
  • Principle 12: Connections – is about making connections between all sectors of society and individuals and making “parks’ relevant to them;
  • Principle 13: Systems Rethink – is about exploring “parks’ as a broader component of a whole system and how it becomes the fabric of a city;
  • Principle 14: Leadership without Fear – is about considering ideas and innovations that not only challenge existing concepts but also change the concept.



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