Parks for Life – International Urban Parks Alliance


Who We Are
Our aim is simple: to develop a global understanding of the core values of urban parks and green spaces, regardless of scale or form, through: Leadership, Knowledge, Innovation, Standards, Advocacy, Networking , Professionalism and Research.

The Founding Organisations who form the International Urban Parks and Green Spaces Alliance in 2006 – City Parks Alliance, GreenSpace, and Parks Forum – have recognised the emerging need for an appropriate international body that reflects their shared and common objectives whilst respecting the role that these entities play in their regions or countries.

Vision – World Network

A world network of urban parks and green spaces that are strongly supported and valued by their communities and their governing bodies which are committed to best-practice park management in meeting the social, environmental, cultural, and economic needs of their communities.

Our Objectives

The common objectives of the International Urban Parks and green spaces Alliance are:

1. To develop a global agenda relating to the delivery of goals, core values and the essential benefits of urban parks and green spaces towards liveable communities.

2. To advance the professional delivery of best practice urban parks and green spaces programmes and services through leadership, networking, benchmarking, research and advocacy.

3. To create a diverse global network of parks and green spaces organisations that provides individual urban park organisation support through exchange of professional knowledge, peer review and pooling of professional resources, and for the overall benefit of member organisations.

See the future:

On LinkedIn – World Urban Parks Initiative


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