Neil challenged and ultimately changed the orthodoxies inherent in park management. Introducing “outside the square” ideas he leads the industries thinking around national and international opportunities and relationships. From these new concepts and relationships, the parks industry was seen to be more connected and more relevant to the 21st century and hence taken seriously by a broader sweep of Governments and society.

Gerard O’Neill


Bush Heritage


Introducing “outside the square” ideas

Neil is a strategic thinker, a committed parks professional, and is driven to achieve to best outcome for organizations he is involved with. He continues to make a significant contribution to growing the capacity and capability of parks management that contribute to community wellbeing throughout Oceania.

Mace Ward
General Manager
Parks Sport & Recreation at Auckland Council (NZ)

A Strategic Thinker

Neil is recognized as one of the foremost Urban Park leaders in the world, with an international view and world wide expertise – a true international expert. He is passionate about the role that urban parks can play in society and is a strong advocate for their benefits and the value they can bring. He has a track record in leading the industry internationally – shaping and challenging the sector to show its relevance in a changing world.


Mark Camley

Executive Director of Park and Venues 
at the London Legacy Development Corporation  - UK
One of the foremost Urban Park leaders in the world