Brian O’Neill – setting the path to the future

Brian’s legacy developed over many years and seems to have be founded on his honest optimise that the community can achieve outstanding success.  His leadership had an immense impact on urban park managers but not civic leaders.  The Golden Gate model is an exemplar of what can be achieved with the right mix of individuals and a “pinch” of Brian.

All students of park management, need to know, understand and experience the “Brian O’Neill” legacy.  A legacy that can’t be captured in a class but through first hand experience.  I am one of the few outside America that experienced Brian’s legacy up close and over a period of 15 years.

The Questions I still ponder when I see great opportunities for parks managers go begging, how do we ensure the world understands Brian’s legacy?

  • Should there be an annual memorial lecture?
  • Should there be an annual award for urban park managers in his name?
  • Should there be an effort to tell his story and the management learning?
  • Should there be academic papers researching his approach?

And where will the next “Brian”, come from and who will provide a platform for innovation and experimentation – what will happen to this legacy


See the future:



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